301Since the days of black and white movies, we’ve seen home automation, mostly on a “gee whiz” basis, portrayed as something highly technical and advanced.

Home automation in Houston isn’t a “gee whiz” scenario, but a reality, thanks to AV Specialists. Everything you dreamed of can now be automated, from the simplicity of turning on room lights from afar to changing the setting on air conditioning systems to sensitive security systems which stand guard over your prized possessions.

AV Specialists has a system and solution for every type of Houston home automation problem. Nothing is too complex, nothing is too simple. AV Specialists can do it all, quickly, efficiently, and in the process create greater value for your home.

There are so many ways to automate your home:

  • Dimmers, lighting, and appliance control
  • Door locks and access control
  • Intercoms and phones; never be out of touch in an emergency
  • Pet care and pest control
  • Camera, surveillance, and overall security
  • Solar and energy savers such as thermostats and HVAC controls
  • Smart plumbing, as well as sprinklers and watering products
  • Fireplace controls, and
  • Towel warmers, plus much more

300Home Automation Houston, TX

Now is the time to investigate how many items and systems in your home can be automated to not only save you time and money, but be more energy efficient, eliminate risk, and make your home more secure.

For those seeking the ultimate in Houston home automation, AV Specialists has every choice available for every size budget.

Whether you’re next door, in the next county, the next state, or on the next continent, AV Specialists can set up a home automation system which works from near and afar. No more coming home after work to a dark house; no more having to jump out of bed in the morning to a cold room, because Houston home automation has AV Specialists. With today’s technology, you’re only limited by your imagination.

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